Helpful Tips for Fiji

Ambulance call 911
however please be aware emergency infrastructure is underdeveloped and response times can be slow.

MIOT – Suva International Hospital
Open 24 hours
Amy St, Suva
Phone: +(679) 330 3404

Local Doctor Clinic
Dr Miliana Vadei                
Phone:+(679) 345 692
Mobile: +(679) 997 6592
Shop 10, Arts Village, Pacific Harbour (behind the supermarket)

EMS – Emergency Medical Services 
Below are the details of a private emergency operator in Fiji that you can access at your own cost if you face an emergency

24/7/Emergency Hotline +(679) 7707700

Emergency Action                
1. Stay calm and call
2. Give your name and location
3. State the nature of the emergency
4. Follow instruction

ATMs are located in Pacific Harbour, around the country and at larger resorts/hotels.

Normal banking hours are approximately 9:30am to 4:00pm Monday – Friday, and 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays at selected areas. Nadi Airport hosts a 24hour currency exchange service in its arrival concourse. The Fijian Dollar is the basic unit of currency available in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Coins are 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2.

Tipping in Fiji is not expected.

You’ll find many retail outlets here, suitable for traditional tourist shopping. And if you venture a little further, you’ll discover fruit and vegetable markets, overflowing with produce, curio and handicraft vendors, Indian merchandise and speciality gift stores. It’s here that you might find yourself in a bargaining session over price. It’s all part of the experience, so go ahead and enter into the spirit of it.

The electric current is 240 volts AC 50Hz. Fiji has three-pin power outlets, which are identical to Australia and New Zealand. Leading hotels and resorts offer universal outlets for 240v or 11v shavers, hair dryers and other electrical appliances.

Fiji’s country code +679. Fiji is well serviced by local mobile networks including Vodafone Fiji Limited and Digicel.

A Government Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable to all goods and services in Fiji.

The Fiji VAT refund scheme allows tourists to claim a refund (subject to certain conditions) of VAT paid on goods purchased in Fiji and taken out of Fiji via Nadi International Airport or Suva Wharf as the final port of departure to a foreign destination.  For terms and condition check out the government site for more information.

Modest dress is essential when away from hotels and resorts, and particularly important when visiting a Fijian Village. Its best to take your shoes off before entering someone’s home.

Fiji is free from malaria, yellow fever and major tropical diseases. There is a doctor in Pacific Harbour whom we recommend if you require. Fiji has government and privately-run hospitals, clinics, surgical centres, dental services and pharmacies. 

Fiji’s relaxed atmosphere is due to its beautiful weather. It is a sunny tropical environment but has its rainy season. May to November range between 19 to 29c and from December to April the temperature ranges between 22 to 33c.